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White Oak AnnouncmentWhite Oak Baseball Portrait AnnouncmentThe goal of all EIM staff is to provide you with the most efficient and affordable service and products!

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Portrait Day Schedule - Sunday, April 2nd

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**


Team Name Coach Portrait Time
7/8 Rangers Grant Malone 2:00 PM
11/12 Dodgers Greggery Williams 2:10 PM
7/8 Astros Daniel Kunkel 2:20 PM
9/10 Aggies Brett McKinney 2:30 PM
7/8 Athletics Emily Watson 2:40 PM
7/8 Cubs Dustin Williams 2:50 PM
7/8 Aggies Scott Elliott 3:00 PM
9/10 Cubs Eric Langewisch 3:10 PM
11/12 Rangers Daniel Morgan 3:20 PM
7/8 Giants Jarod Morris 3:30 PM
13/14 Orioles Joe Bower 3:40 PM
Tball Iron Birds Calvin Jester 3:50 PM
13/14 Rangers Tracey Fears 4:00 PM
13/14 Astros Gary Bort 4:10 PM
Tball Rangers Brett Thompson 4:20 PM
9/10 Tigers Andy Breitenberg 4:30 PM
11/12 Orioles Scotty Cooper 4:40 PM
Tball Phillies Brad Hidalgo 4:50 PM
    5:00 PM
    5:10 PM