Expression in Motion Photography | West Sabine Youth Basketball

2018 West Sabine Youth Basketball Portraits

Photo Day Schedule - Tuesday, January 23

LOCATION CHANGE: West Sabine Elementary School Cafeteria

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

5/6 Boys B (Meagan) 5:30PM
5/6 Boys A (Shana) 5:40PM
5/6 Girls (Halei) 5:50PM
7/8 Boys A (Jacori) 6:00PM
7/8 Girls A (DeEsta) 6:10PM
7/8 Boys B (Tasha) 6:20PM
7/8 Girls B (Britney) 6:30PM
9/10 Boys A (Amy) 6:40PM
9/10 Girls A (Kambri) 6:50PM
9/10 Boys B (Joey) 7:00PM
9/10 Girls B (Burl) 7:10PM
11/12 Girls A (Shun) 7:20PM
11/12 Boys B  (Tasha) 7:30PM
11/12 Girls B (Reba) 7:40PM
11/12 Boys A (CJ) 7:50PM

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