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Huntington AnnouncmentHuntignton Baseball Portrait AnnouncmentThe goal of all EIM staff is to provide you with the most efficient and affordable service and products!

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Portrait Day Schedule - Sat, April 8th

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**


Team Name Coach Portrait Time
11/12 Orioles Jason Riley 8:20 AM
11/12 Rangers Chase Capps 8:30 AM
13/14 Grey Chase Capps 8:40 AM
7/8 Braves Jacob Sapp 8:50 AM
7/8 Marlins Thomas Berry 9:00 AM
Tball Astros Johnathan Strain 9:10 AM
Tball Indians Jake Stanberry 9:20 AM
Pre-T Muckdogs Justin Terry 9:30 AM
Pre-T Riverdogs Misty Harris 9:40 AM
11/12 Astros Tim Hutchinson 9:50 AM
11/12 Hooks Will Self 10:00 AM
9/10 Hooks Will Self 10:10 AM
7/8 Scrappers Aaron Johnson 10:20 AM
13/14 White Chad Wilson 10:30 AM
Tball Angels Heather Moore 10:40 AM
Tball Mudcats Amanda Cardwell 10:50 AM
7/8 Grasshoppers Michael Ross 11:00 AM
7/8 Reds Cody Green 11:10 AM
9/10 Lugnuts Josh Ellis 11:20 AM
Tball Cubs Chester Christoph 11:30 AM
Tball Rangers John Brandenburg 11:40 AM
13/14 Black Chris Hooks 11:50 AM
13/14 Red Jason Harris 12:00 PM
9/10 Astros Jeff Smith 12:10 PM
9/10 Mariners Michael Thompson 12:20 PM
Pre-T Scrappers Kevin Terry 12:30 PM