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Portrait Day Schedule - Friday, March 24th

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Team Name Coach Name Portrait Time
Peanut - Rangers Clayton Smith 5:10pm
Little League - Cubs Tre Jones 5:15pm
Peanut - Red Sox Marshall Harmon 5:20pm
Peanut - Orioles Matt Elmore 5:25pm
Peanut - Dodgers Broc Butler 5:30pm
Peanut - Cubs Fonta' Castleberry 5:35pm
Little League - Dbacks Brandon Bogle 5:40pm
Peanut - Braves Brad Tipps 5:45pm
Texas - White Sox Daniel Wriggle 5:50pm
Pony - Rockies James Dobbins 5:55pm
Texas - Braves Kirk Greenhouse 6:00pm
Little League - Rangers Andrew Gonzales 6:05pm
Peanut - Dbacks Rhett Reid 6:10pm
4/5 Tball Dodgers Ken Sabella 6:15pm
Peanut - Astros Ron Dixon 6:20pm
Little League - Astros Zak Nix 6:25pm
5/6 Tball Giants Ashley Porter 6:30pm
5/6 Tball Mariners Travis Goode 6:35pm


Portrait Day Schedule - Sat, March 25th

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Team Name Coach Name Portrait Time
5/6 Tball Mets Brandon Gibson 8:10 AM
Little League - Reds Kevin Hubbard 8:15 AM
4/5 Rangers Tobaius Jackson 8:20 AM
4/5 Tball Royals LaMarcus Britton 8:25 AM
5/6 Cubs Joseph Bradford 8:30 AM
5/6 Astros Colt Wood 8:35 AM
5/6 Tigers Sean Dickerson 8:40 AM
Pony - Cardinals Ryan Ellis 8:45 AM
4/5 Tball White Sox Frank Johnson, III 8:50 AM
Texas - Rangers UNCONFIRMED Brandon Jones 8:55 AM
Texas - Astros Bart Bradley 9:00 AM
Texas - Cardinals Allen Galyean 9:05 AM
Texas - Red Sox Ben Gamble 9:10 AM
5/6 Tball Rangers Brent Jackson 9:15 AM
Pony - Braves Everett Medford 9:20 AM