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Bullard Map to Field Portraits will be taken onBullard Map to Field Portraits will be taken on

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Portrait Day Schedule - Sat, April 1st

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Team Portrait Time
10u Boys Pirates 8:00 AM
10u Boys Warbirds 8:05 AM
10u Girls Intensity 8:10 AM
10u Girls Lady Patriots 8:15 AM
14u Boys Omahawks 8:20 AM
14u Boys Rebels 8:25 AM
Ins Blue 8:30 AM
Ins Pink 8:35 AM
Tball Girls Angels 8:40 AM
Tball Girls Rose's 8:45 AM
10u Boys Cowart 8:50 AM
10u Girls Bandidas 8:55 AM
10u Girls Charge 9:00 AM
8u Boys Bandits 9:05 AM
8u Boys Indians 9:10 AM
Ins Orange 9:15 AM
Ins Red 9:20 AM
Tball Girls Peaches 9:25 AM
Tball Girls Pink Ladies 9:30 AM
14u Boys Astros 9:35 AM
10u Boys Rebels 9:40 AM
8u Boys Bullets 9:45 AM
8u Boys Rangers 9:50 AM
8u Girls Lunachicks 9:55 AM
8u Girls Sparks 10:00 AM
Tball Boys Cowboys 10:05 AM
Tball Boys Red Sox 10:10 AM
10u Boys Black Sox 10:15 AM
10u Boys Cowboys 10:20 AM
12u Boys Rangers 10:25 AM
12u Boys Regulators 10:30 AM
12u Girls Killer Cleats 10:35 AM
8u Boys Dodgers 10:40 AM
8u Boys The Naturals 10:45 AM
8u Girls Diamond Divas 10:50 AM
Tball Boys Rangers 10:50 AM
Tball Boys Horned Frogs 10:55 AM
Tball Boys Swamp Dogs 11:00 AM
Tball Boys The Naturals 11:05 AM
10u Boys Aces 11:10 AM
10u Boys Black Sox 11:15 AM
12u Girls Fury 11:20 AM
8u Boys Astros 11:25 AM
8u Boys Pirates 11:30 AM
Tball Boys Avengers 11:35 AM
12u Boys Aces 11:45 AM
12u Boys Bandits 11:50 AM
10u Boys Cubs 11:55 AM
14u Girls1 12:05 PM
8u Boys Sox 12:10 PM
14u Girls2 12:15 PM