Expression in Motion Photography | 2018 MPYSA Spring Portraits


LOCATION: Livestock Arena (Behind MP Civic Center)

*COACHES: Please text your preferred Photo Time to 903-309-3599. We will confirm your time.

Portrait Day Schedule - SUNDAY, MAY 6

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Division/Team Name Coach Portrait Time
U10 Mexico  Flores As soon as possible due to game
U9 Lobos E.Garcia 1:30 PM
U4 Outlaws  H.Garcia 1:35 PM
U9 MP Strikers A. Santos 1:40 PM
U6 Tigers Elite Jose Gonzalez 1:45 PM
U9 Panthers   1:50 PM
Avengers Kimberly Torres 1:55 PM
U7 LiL Fury N. Hernandez 2:00 PM
U4 Paw Patrol L. Hernandez 2:05 PM
U10 MP United Roberto Marroquin 2:10 PM
U6 Little Strikers Carlos Osornio 2:15 PM
U13 MP United Roberto Marroquin 2:20 PM
U4 LiL Lions Aguilar 2:25 PM
U5 Tigers Antonio DeLaHoya 2:30 PM
8U LiL Hustlers Victor C. 2:35 PM
U5 Tough Enough Juan Zaragoza 2:40 PM
Galacticos Vincente Zelaya 2:45 PM
U5 Zorros Kevin Alvarado 2:50 PM
U6 MP Lobos   2:55 PM
U5 MP Official  A.Mayfield 3:00 PM
11U Rockets Coach Garcia 3:05 PM
U11 MP United  J.Mayfield 3:10 PM
U6 Tiny Tigers Ivan Olivares 3:15 PM
U11 Royalty Omar Flores 3:20 PM
U10 MP Crew Sesar Memije 3:25 PM
U7 Jaguars  J. Banda 3:30 PM
U4 Mac Attack R. Foster 3:35 PM
U6 Lighting R. Foster 3:40 PM
U4 FC Fuego D. Flores 3:45 PM
U5 Thunder C. Foster 3:50 PM
Elite FC Ever Mora 3:55 PM
U9 FC Revolution D.Castillo 4:00 PM
U13 Girls Real MP Claudia 4:05 PM
U9 Shooting Stars Wario 4:10 PM
U13 Boys Real MP Claudia 4:15 PM
U9 MP Girls    4:20 PM
U6 Dynamo   4:25 PM
U9 MP Legacy M.Moreno 4:30 PM
U4 MP Pride Rogelio Solorzano 4:35 PM
U10 Rockstarz Cristina Villareal-Mata 4:40 PM
U12 MP Falcons  E. Ventura 4:45 PM
U10 MP Knights Roque Villareal 4:50 PM
U7 LiL Hurricanes J.Villarruel 4:55 PM
U8 Galaxy D.Mata 5:00 PM
U5 Longhorns Rene Cruz 5:05 PM
U5 Strikers J.Zuniga 5:10 PM

Order Forms will be available onsite. You're also welcome to print off and bring your form in already filled out as well.
Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018


A portion of all photo day purchases goes to SUPPORT YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Shown pre-order pricing is ONLY available on portrait day. These orders will be returned to your coach for distribution.

Pricing is higher AFTER portrait day. You'll be able to purchase online with direct shipping. 

Any questions? Call/Text: 903-309-3599 or E-mail: