Expression in Motion Photography | 2018 Lone Oak Baseball and Softball

2018 LONE OAK Baseball and Softball

LOCATION: High School Gym

Portrait Day Schedule - Wednes. April 25

5:10 12U Buffaloes Jeremy McClanahan
5:20 12U SFB Lady Buffs Chrystal Carson



Tball Outlaws

12U Buffaloes 

Curt Money

Danny Bowman

5:40 Tball The Goonies Lee Hogue
5:50 Tball Bat Attitude Jason Langford
6:00 Tball Raptors Bobby Bunch
6:10 Tball Lady Buffs Andy Williams
6:20 8U Buffaloes Dax Diamond
6:30 8U Buffaloes Alex Bowman
6:40 8U Buffaloes Travis Maiwelmal
6:50 8U Lady Buffs Scott Oakes
7:00 8U Lady Buffs Doug Wittrock
7:10 10U Buffaloes Eddie Madden
7:20 10U Buffaloes Greg Hampton
7:30 10U Lady Buffs Clint Patterson
7:40 10U Lady Buffs Kaylee Kinnaird
7:50 12U Buffaloes Chris Wallace
8:10 12U Lady Buffs Tricia Rakowska
8:20 14U Lady Buffs Toby Hooten
8:30 14U Buffaloes Louis Dagenais

Order forms will be available onsite. Families are welcome to print off and bring in with them already filled out as well. 

Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018


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Shown pre-order pricing is ONLY available on portrait day. These orders will be returned to your coach for distribution.

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