2018 HENDERSON PORTRAITS     3/23 - 3/24

HBBA, HSGA, and Rusk County T-Ball

Location: Henderson Sports Complex (Indoors)

Portrait Day Schedule - Friday, March 23th

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Division/Team Name Head Coach Portrait Time
Peanut Nationals Broc Butler 5:00 PM
Red Hots 8U Leslie Blankenship 5:05 PM
Rangers 5-6   5:10 PM
Astros Little League Kirk Greenhouse 5:15 PM
Rockies Little League Ben Gamble 5:20 PM
Phillies Roper Castleberry 5:25 PM
Pony-Astros Brandon Bogle 5:30 PM
Pirates Tball Bridges 5:35 PM
Bomb Squad Sassy Goodwin 5:40 PM
Blue Angels 8U Krissy Sefa 5:45 PM
Image 10U Softball Ronny Grandgeorge 5:50 PM
Red Sox Marshall Harman 5:55 PM
Cracker Jacks Chris Padgett 6:00 PM
Diamondbacks Justin Cameron 6:05 PM
Boomstick Bombers Shawna Meyers 6:10 PM
Sluggers Holly Perry 6:15 PM
Image 14U Softball Ronny Grandgeorge 6:20 PM
Blue Jays Joe Goen 6:25 PM
Lady Lions Tyesha Young 6:30 PM
Texas-Athletics   6:35 PM
Astros-Texas League Brian Marcott 6:40 PM
    6:45 PM
    6:50 PM
    6:55 PM
Peanut Cardinals Clay Bridges 7:00 PM
    7:05 PM
Dodgers Tball Ken Sabella 7:10 PM
Dodgers Bart Bradley 7:15 PM
    7:20 PM
    7:25 PM
Hit Squad 8U Cord Lee 7:30 PM
    7:35 PM
    7:40 PM
    7:45 PM
    7:50 PM
    7:55 PM
    8:00 PM
    8:05 PM
    8:10 PM
    8:15 PM
    8:20 PM
    8:30 PM

Portrait Day Schedule - Sat, March 24th

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your stated portrait time**

Team Name Coach Name Portrait Time
    8:00 AM
Red Sox Tball Travis Goode 8:10 AM
Braves 5-6 John Curry 8:15 AM
Dodgers 4-5 Travis Chapman 8:20 AM
    8:25 AM
Pony-Rangres Kyle Henderson 8:30 AM
Pony Red Sox Jim Dobbin 8:35 AM
Peanut-Dodgers Alan Aten 8:40 AM
    8:45 AM
    8:50 AM
    8:55 AM
Braves 4-5 Bo Doss 9:00 AM
Rangers Zack Nix 9:05 AM
    9:10 AM
    9:15 AM
Texas-Nationals Ramey Chapman 9:20 AM
Astros Jackie Shaw 9:25 AM
Horn Frogs Tball Ryan Dickey 9:30 AM
White Sox Texas Eric Leuschner 9:35 AM
Diamond Divas 6U Melissa Charlo 9:40 AM
Astros 5/6 Tball Brent Jackson 9:45 AN
Diamond Divas Melissa Charlo 9:50 AM
Pitch Perfect Jenni Cassell 9:55 AM
Pony-Royals Ryan Ellis 10:00 AM


Order Forms will be available onsite. You're also welcome to print off and bring your form in already filled out as well.

Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018Baseball-Softball Pricing 2018


A portion of all photo day purchases goes to SUPPORT YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Shown pre-order pricing is ONLY available on portrait day. These orders will be returned to your coach for distribution.

Pricing is higher AFTER portrait day. You'll be able to purchase online with direct shipping. 

Any questions? Call/Text: 903-309-3599 or E-mail: sales@eimphoto.com