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The future of photography in the East Texas area is changing and I am proud to say that we are a part of it.  Never before have people been able to walk away from any event with their portraits or action shots in their hands until now!  How do we do it? 

We have three (3) core values at Expression in Motion:

1. Honor God in what we do and give back to our community

2. Produce a better product than our competition

3. Produce that better product faster than any of our competition

By far the hardest of the three of these is to honor God!  Why?  Aren’t we Christians and believers?  Well of course we are.  The hard part is when temptations present themselves and you have to ignore them or when a customer is completely wrong or being unreasonable and we have to react ABSENT of any emotion.  This is especially difficult for me as I am an emotional guy.  I have been known to speak first and think later and the outcomes are often not good.  Really one of those moments when you look back and say, “Man, I shouldn’t have reacted like that.”  This is not only in true in business but in life.  Sometimes we react to a situation with our kids that is completely based on emotion…and we regret it. 

So, how do we overcome that?  I believe it takes a rededication every single day.  I try to wake up every day and say, “Today is going to be a better day than yesterday because I know I have the Lord, my God, is on my side and He is in control.”  It is this rededication that, I believe, continues to provide blessings in not only our business lives but personal ones as well.  Where I often fail is that once I rededicate myself in the morning I don’t think about it again until the next morning.  Periodically, I look back on a situation and think of how I should have stopped and prayed for patience and then made a decision.  I guess that’s why we’re human and far from god-like.  But, if we continue to really listen to God’s direction – not just hear Him but really listen – then we will not be misled.  One very clear direction that God has led us is to give a portion of our profit back to various associations / organizations and people.  It’s a simple way for us to thank the people that have had us out for their events.  90% of the organizations we work with are non-profit and all of the money goes back in to the organization.  Maybe an organization can take the money we give back and buy the league trophies with it or maybe the money is spent to help finance a new restroom for the facility.  Whatever the case, we try very hard to pay the same blessings we have received forward to those who need it!

#2 & #3 above go together like peas & carrots!  True regardless of your faith, if you don’t produce a better product or produce your product faster than your competition then you won’t be around long.  When we started producing portraits onsite in the mobile photo lab, I was told, “You can’t do that!” – “No way will that work in the time you want to do it in!”  My response was very simple “Why not?”  After hours upon hours of dedication and frustration, we have proven that you can produce a quality product in an extremely fast manner.  We have proven we can do it because we had to FAITH to ask, “Why can’t it be done.”  Do we still fail…EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Every day we fail at something or something doesn’t work out like we planned.  But it goes back to the rededication of our lives that keeps us going.  We learn from those failures and try our best to “hear” what God has in store for us and follow His direction.  After all, we are disciples first and photographers/designers second.


Please feel free to email me or contact me at any of the methods below.  I’d love to hear your story!


God Bless,

Jeff Newland

(903) 720-5896


John 9:1-5


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